“I’m The Guy in the Back, Restoring the E-type Jag”


On most days when customers are looking for me, someone will point to the back and tell them that I’m the guy with his head under the hood. I can’t promise about the “E-type Jag part,” it could also be a ’66 Series IIA Land Rover or a ’55 Mark VII Jaguar sedan.

My name is Dave, and I have been repairing and restoring vintage Jaguars and Land Rovers since I first opened Imports Unlimited, Inc. in Highland Park in 1977. We also repair and service all makes and models of much more modern luxury cars.

When we explain that we know cars from the inside-out, we are absolutely serious. Our vintage car repair work often requires us to completely disassemble a vehicle and then to reconstruct it. We learn every design flaw and every built-in quality feature.

My passion is my work and I love what I do. That same passion for automotive repair and servicing can be found deep in the heart of every technician and everyone who works with us. We would not hire any other kind of person.

For some people, a car is no more than a vehicle that goes from point A to point B. However, our customers tend to be attached to their cars; they really care how their vehicles perform and they know we do as well.

My Promise to You as Owner of Imports Unlimited, Inc.

Although we work on luxury cars, there is nothing snobbish about us. Our daily challenge isn’t about what color silk tie to wear with our navy suits; it is to figure out why the electrical system on a BMW isn’t working properly or why there is a strange sound coming from an Audi’s exhaust system. Obviously we’re a serious business, but a business built on extraordinary customer service and a strong commitment to ensuring every repair is perfect.

My promise is that we will never change from a simple mission started nearly 40 years ago: quality car repairs at an affordable price.