Luxury Car Repair

Imports Unlimited, Inc. is focused on performing the highest quality auto repair on luxury makes and models of …


Jaguar Repair

We are widely known throughout Highland Park and the surrounding suburbs for offering the very finest in Jaguar …


Land Rover Repair

Huh? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Well, we’re making a point. The Land Rover has long had the reputation of being as …


Jaguar Restoration

Though vintage Jaguar restoration is not the “bread and butter” of our business, it is the soul of our business. It is our touchstone.


Imports Unlimited, Inc.

We Started Out Fixing the Cars No One Could Fix. We Still Do.

We love to work on luxury cars that are owned by perfectionists, nitpickers and people who give their cars names. Our business began in 1977 when someone rolled a car that was making “funny noises” into our shop. All of the dealerships and repair garages the customer had visited told him he was imaging things. We found a serious problem within minutes.

“You’re a genius!” he said.

“No, we just love cars,” we said.

Imports Unlimited, Inc. is a business built on honesty, integrity and passion. Our business is roughly divided into two main areas of activity: luxury car repair and the repair and re-creation of vintage Jaguars and Land Rovers. Part of our shop looks like a modern day repair facility; the other part of our facility can sometimes look like an automotive museum. We like it that way – and so do our customers.

Highland Park

Luxury Car Repair Specialists

Imports Unlimited, Inc. specializes in BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Audi and Volkswagen repair as well as quality repair and restoration of Jaguars and Land Rovers. We have repaired and/or restored thousands of luxury vehicles for the most demanding customers in the area. It is not unusual for us to get customer referrals from other shops because they respect our experience and level of expertise to handle difficult repair problems.

Despite the luxury car specialty that makes up the majority of our business, we pride ourselves on our affordability. There is no reason why dealership luxury car repairs should be as expensive as they are, and that is why we have always been committed to fair and ethical pricing for quality work.

Whatever your “unrepairable car problem,” hard-to-describe noise, strange electrical challenge or “ghosts” knocking around in your engine, chances are we have seen another car with the same problem – and fixed it.

When you make an appointment, don’t be shy about calling your car by name. We understand.


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